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Printing thickener

Printing thickener (100-500CPS 1%) is a purely natural and highly purified polysaccharide compound with excellent chemical property and thermal stability. It is an excellent natural thickener that has been widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, oil, papermaking, printing and dyeing and other fields. It is easily soluble in water and may form gelatinoids in water, thereby rapidly achieving the effect of thickening. As a kind of natural thickener, printing thickener is extensively applied in the printing of textiles to fuse reactive, disperse and acid metals and reduce various dyes.

Product advantages:

1. High tinctorial yield and dye-saving. Being sticky and smooth with good dispersing performance, the thickener is able to evenly disperse the dyes and chemicals and make them fix on certain positions in the textile without filtration. By this way, such defects as unevenness, color dots, filtration and broken or absent hachure brought by traditional thickeners may be avoided, and the outline of decorative designs will become clear with bright color, and it also saves dyes.

2. Good color fastness. The product won’t coagulate or hydrolyze in color paste with a PH value of 5-13. It is provided with good acid and alkali resistance, excellent electrolyte property and relatively strong carrying capability so that dyes may be fixed in the fiber under various effects.

3. Enhancing productivity and product quality. The new thickener is with appropriate viscosity and high thixotropic property, sticky but not tainting. Color paste prepared from such thickener won’t taint the printing tools or textiles when carrying dyes and chemicals onto the textiles. For printing processes using traditional thickeners, when the thickener taints the knife edge, there may be thread sizing which is hard to scratch off; when the thickener taints the screen, towing may occur; when the thickener taints the textile, it may be hard to desize. However, the new thickener may effectively solve the above-mentioned problems so as to reduce the defective rate and enhance the productivity and product quality; therefore, it can be deemed as a new breakthrough in the printing industry.

4. Extensive use. This product is mainly applied to reactive dyes as well as disperse dyes printing process. It can reduce the consumption of triethanolamine by 50% when it is used in acid dyes and repidazol dyes. It can be used in printing processes such as roller printing, flat screen printing and rotary screen printing. It can also be used in the printing for cotton, flannel, polyester cotton and other textiles.

5. Simple usage and operation. The usage of such thickener is the same as that of sodium alginate without changing any process. First, add tap water or warm water into a barrel, pour the new thickener into the barrel while keeping stirring, and keep stirring the thickener until there is no more granules. This product may form paste quickly. It is easy to use and adjust the thickness. Add cold water when stirring the product, and the amount of water added should be 4-6% of the amount of this product used: slowly pour the product into the rapidly stirred water and then stir the mixture under room temperature for 1-2 hours to get the stock thickener, and the stock thickener can be used for printing.

The of reference usage

Paste making quick, easy application, easy to adjust the consistency, the product with a 4-6% of the amount of cold water paste, will slowly pour into under the rapid mixing of the water, stir 1-2 hours at room temperature, made the original paste, printing application.


Disperse dye printing

1、Stock paste preparing:raw power30-60g/1kg    软水soft water940-970g/1kg


2Printing paste:Stock paste 400-600g/1kg   disperse dyes X g/1kg    water Y g/1kg    resist printing 2 g/1kg    organice acid tone PH=6

appearance:yellow power:yellow power  PH:7-8PH

packing:25kg  woven bag (paper bag)

store:cool,avoid sunshine.,be stored in cool and dry condition.

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