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Propylene glycol alginate

Propylene glycol alginate, also known as propylene glycol alginate (PGA), extracted from natural seaweed alginate into deep processing, the appearance of a white or yellowish powder, aqueous solution is viscous gel. And alginate, compared with more acid and salt tolerance, is an excellent sea food additives.

The main purpose

1, in the food industry as a thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer used.
2, propylene glycol alginate with a strong acid, can be applied to pH3-5 acidic environment.
3, propylene glycol alginate has good foaming and emulsifying capacity. Widely used in yogurt products, condiments and beer foam stabilizer.

Implementation of standards


Production license number





Beverages (other than packaged drinking water, solid beverages are increased by a dilution ratio), beer and malt beverages


Ice cream, ice cream


Milk and milk products (PAP pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, special meals food except), Kohan (pulp) and beverages (solid beverage by dilution increased usage), coffee (class) beverages (solid beverage by dilution increased usage)


Modulation of milk, flavor fermented milk, milk drinks (solid drink diluted by a factor of increase in the use of)


Outside the pale of condensed milk (original), hydrogenated vegetable oil, water and oil like fat emulsion products, water and oil fat emulsion products emulsified fat products, including a mixture of and (or) seasoning of fat emulsion
Goods, jam, cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products, including substituting cocoa butter chocolate and products, gum base candy, decorated with candies (such as process modeling, or used to decorate a cake), the top decoration (non fruit material) and sweet juice, raw wet flour products such as noodles, dumpling skin, wonton skin, burning oatmeal), dry product, convenient rice products, cold East rice products, flavored syrup, vegetable protein beverage (solid beverage by dilution increased usage)


Semi solid compound seasoning


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